WELCOME:  We are pleased to have you part of – or thinking about becoming part of – our culinary family.  It is our intent to be completely transparent and provide you with excellent service throughout your journey with us.  In order to do this, we need to form a collective bond with terms of service.

WHAT WE PROVIDE:  For in-home Chef Service, we provide the following:  Menu planning, grocery shopping, a dedicated Chef, meal preparation, labeling, packaging and cleaning of the kitchen to restore it to how it was when your Chef arrived.  MENU PLANNING:  Simple Earth Cuisine and your chef will consult and design your weekly menu. The menu will be submitted to you for your changes and we ask that confirmation be made at least 2 days prior to the cook-date.  GROCERY SHOPPING: Once the menu is approved by you,  Perishable groceries will be sourced the morning of the cook-day, while non-perishable groceries may be sourced a few days prior to and/or the morning of the cook-day. The chef will purchase groceries with a pre-paid debit card you provide and the limit will be set upon deciding how many meals you wish to have each week.  UPON ARRIVAL: Your chef will enter your home, put away groceries, set up in your kitchen and prepare, package, label and store your meals as per our agreement set in our consultation. your chef will arrive at the same time and day, unless mutually changed by both parties.


BREAKS OF SERVICE:   Advanced notice of vacations and/or hiatus/break of service is needed at least 2 weeks prior.  *If the break in service is longer than two weeks, you will be invoiced $250 per week thereafter to hold your chef until service is resumed.

CONTAINER FEE:  Appropriate containers will be provided. We can work with containers that you have, however, to be sure your chef has the appropriate containers for the job, we feel it is necessary to provide them. Containers should be **clean and stored in the cupboard or on the counter, waiting for your Chef to put new meals into them.  We ask that they are clean and ready for each new cook-date.  Containers are a one time fee upon starting service.  **If the Chef needs to wash the containers prior to starting the cooking, we will charge $50 for the extra investment of time.

MENU CONFIRMATION:  You will have personal dialogue with your chef via text or phone call.  We can determine as to how to best fit your needs and can do all the planning without your input or, consult with you as much as necessary to make sure your meals are exactly how you want them.

PAYMENTS:  Payment of service will be invoiced either by Zelle or ApplePay.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  A pre-paid debit card for your Chef to purchase groceries and any supplies prior to the cooking of your meals, is also requested.  We start with a $200 limit and ask that the debit card is ready to give to your Chef at our consultation/meeting prior to your first cook-date.  The $200 is a flexible amount that may be used in entirety or over a few weeks, depending on how many meals you request and the level of food quality you request.  Your Chef will always be mindful as to food costs and portion sizes so as not to over purchase or purchase unnecessarily.

GETTING IN TOUCH:  We are a very small business with attention to detail and customization, so we are available to answer your questions from the team who is providing your service.  You will have direct contact with your Chef with certain day and/or evening hours in which they will be available to help you and answer any questions you have within a few minutes.