WELCOME:  We are please to have you part of our culinary family.  It is our intent to be completely transparent and provide you excellent service throughout your journey with us.  In order to do this, we need to form a collective bond with terms of service.

WHAT WE PROVIDE:  Simple Earth Cuisine, LLC will customize your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly menus, seek approval and/or changes of the menu from you, grocery shop, prepare, package and deliver the approved meals to your door, or package for pick up, on an agreed upon date and time.  We will notify you via text message once the meals leave the kitchen, give an estimated time the meals will be in transit and, notify you when the meals are safely delivered to your door.  We ask that meals are received and refrigerated within 15-20 minutes of their arrival for best food safety practices.


SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE/BREAKS OF SERVICE:  We are a subscriptions meal service.  When you become part of our family, we expect to work with you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  There is no penalty or fee for taking a week or two off for vacation or other needs, nor is there any penalty or fee for canceling service.  However, we do ask that your continuation with our service is consistent.  *If too many pauses or elongated breaks occur, we will request that you cancel.  We also ask that you let us know of any hiatus or break of service at least one week prior to our next scheduled delivery.  *We charge a $50 fee if this advanced notice of hiatus/break is ignored more than two times. 

CONTAINER FEE:  All meal services require an additional one time purchase of containers and this will be paid for on our website when you purchase your first plan.  The container fee is for two sets of containers and two coolers.  One set will be delivered to you with freshly prepared meals in them.  The second set will be for the next scheduled delivery when the first set is picked up.  We ask that you enjoy your meals, clean the containers, store them back into the cooler they came in and, on delivery day, place the cooler in an easy to access spot for our delivery person to retrieve when they delivery your new meals.

MENUS AND PAYMENTS: Simple Earth Cuisine will email a sample menu to your inbox.  There is usually a 2-3 day period until menus need to be confirmed.  We ask when you receive the sample menu, that you make any changes by simply replying to the email, calling or texting.  If the menu is in no need of revision, we ask that you go to our website and pay for you meal plan so we can mark your plan for the week confirmed.  Payments are made via our website with either ApplePay or Credit Card.  Sales tax is collected on all transactions and will be added to your sale at the checkout page.  Payment are due when the menu for the week is confirmed

GETTING IN TOUCH:  We are a very small business with attention to detail and customization.  Being a small business, we are available to answer your questions from the team who is providing your service.  If you have any questions or comments you wish to share, please feel free to email:  SimpleEarthCuisine@gmail.com, or call (646) 902-4488.

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