“A Personal Chef can make life so much easier.  After the kids go to bed, my husband and I enjoy our meals with a glass of wine and are able to have date night in the comfort of our home!”

 “My mother loves having Chef Tanya come to her home to prepare her meals. It gives me piece of mind to know my Mom is getting a visit from her “favorite chef” in addition to getting nourishing meals each week.”

“I have cooked for my family for nearly 35 years.  Now, with the children grown and living full lives of their own, it is our time to enjoy having a chef cook for us!”

My partner and I keep very different schedules during the week.  It is always a comfort when I come home at night and the meals are waiting in the fridge ready to be heated and enjoyed.  Our meal plan is custom and lovingly prepared each week."

- Emily

Our Services Include: 

  • Custom Menu Design
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Preparation of Meals in your Home Kitchen
  • Portioning, Packaging and Labeling of Prepared Meals
  • Clean Up 
A consultation is $100, which is reimbursed at start of service.  We will meet via zoom, view your kitchen and schedule a reoccurring cooking day and time.

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