Meal Plans Explained

"Having a Personal Chef, can be nourishing to your senses but also to your soul."

We customize everything and deliver right to your doorstep

Our meal plans fill in the gaps where you need support in the kitchen.  From 2 meals, perfect for those days when slowing down for a nourishing meal is not an option, to 5 meals, which is a great way to start off a new dietary lifestyle, or sustain one. If you enjoy cooking but just don’t have the time, the meal plans can assist you until you are able to enjoy your time in the kitchen again.

All the meal plans give you flexibility to either dine out or grab that pizza on game night, if you wish.

Pricing includes:

A Chef designed, custom menu

Meals prepared in our commercial kitchen

Labeling of meals with easy heating instructions

Delivery right to your door.

Convenience of paying online.


To get started, How many meals would you like each week?.  How many people will be enjoying the meals? Meal Plans can be altered week to week, so If you need an extra portion of a meal one week or 2 extra meals the next, all you have to do is let us know.

Ready to sign up?  

We start with your filling out the dietary questionnaire. This helps us get a better idea of how to menu plan for you. Once received, we will call to discuss, go over pricing, and answer any questions you have. We then design your first menu and email it to you. Upon review, change and/or approval, we can then shop, prepare and deliver your meals.

Meals, such as this Orange Glazed Grouper with Cauliflower Pilaf and Green Beans, can be heated in the oven right inside the containers.  

There is a one time container fee upon starting your subscription.  Pictured:  Chicken with Banana Peppers and Lemon Thyme Served with Caramelized Sugar Snap Peas and a Farmers’ Salad

We use containers made from 18/0 (#430) food grade stainless steel and/or pyrex glass, depending on your heating needs.  Not only are they stylish enough to be served right at your table, they are durable.  They go from fridge or freezer to oven and clean up in the dishwasher.  We do what we can to be environmentally friendly, and these 100% recyclable containers that have real lasting power.  

When service starts, you will receive your weekly meals in these beautiful containers.  We ask that you clean them and leave them outside in the cooler they came in the day of your next delivery.  We will exchange them with fresh meals in another set of containers. 

Have Questions?

Email (below) or Call: (646) 902-4488

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