Chef Ilene

Our Head Chef, Ilene was trained at CUNY New York City College of Technology. She is a skilled chef and baker, having had her own successful bakery business for years. From growing her own food, to selling at Farmers’ markets to making delicious meals and amazing desserts, Chef Ilene’s passion is certainly in the kitchen. Ilene also loves to teach what she knows, so stay tuned for baking clubs and culinary classes coming to our location soon!

Chef Lisa

Owner and self-taught Chef of Simple Earth Cuisine since 2007.  Always fascinated with ethnic cooking as well as alternative cooking practices and fusing both together to create amazing flavor that conforms to goal lifestyles. My core belief is seeing food as fuel that motors us in our performance day to day.   By changing our eating habits, even with one healthy, nutritious meal each day, we can take control back in our lives.   Diet isn’t a fad, it’s prevention, everyday.

Chef Lori

An amazing, classically trained Pastry Chef in addition to a creative and mindful Savory Chef, Chef Lori has an eye for detail when she is piping teeny tiny flowers on a cake or finishing a dish with a fresh herb.  Her food roots run deep and her fondest memories are of high heated conversations about menu planning the next family get together 🙂

Chef Empress

Chef and Menu Design.  Empress is responsible for making sure your menus are always creative and diverse.  Requests are always encouraged and repeated meals are only a compliment to our service!  We love them!

What's in our food

Ingredients you can pronounce

Healthy, whole food fats

Local and organic vegetables and dairy

Sustainable, humanely raised meats

How our food is made

Made by hand

Made with love

Made with the seasons bounty

We invite you to explore our meal plans to see which is right for you.

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