A Full Moon Anthology

Were you that little girl or boy who thought that the moon was following you?  I know I used to look out of the car window and watch the moon, thinking it was following me wherever I went.  We used to get amazing views of the full moons on the way home from our weekend at the Jersey shore, coming up the Parkway to the Turnpike, hovering over the Meadowlands and the skyline of NYC.  

In essence, as adults, we should still continue the mindset that the moon is following us, Or, is it that we are following the moon?  Either way, it is a terrific way to expedite tasks and manifestations.  The moon is fixed and it goes through it’s cycles consistently, so to be conscience of it’s changes throughout the month can be a great way to build on a goal, tackle unpleasant or pleasant tasks or leap you further ahead towards your dreams and desires.

The moon goes through eight lunar cycles every month.  New, when the sky is dark and the image of the moon cannot be seen, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, Full, waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent.  If you wish to get literal, you can plan a goal for each phase, but it’s much more practical while living in the real time world to just focus on the New and Full Moons.  



New moons are the beginning phase of the moon’s journey towards being full. It’s a great time to plant seeds, either literally or figuratively.  Start something new or focus in on a goal or desire you wish to manifest between the new moon and the full moon.  New moons are when we set our intentions for the month.  If you are particularly in tune with your energy, you may find that New Moons are the time where you are more in contemplative mode vs action mode.  Setting intentions requires more thinking than doing, so you are working through the virtual to get to the tangible.  This is great strategy for business or for putting some structure into your day to day life.  It’s like a mini New Year’s Day every month.  A great time to course direct if you feel your life is a bit out of control or going in the wrong direction.  

In celebration of the New Moon, it is fitting to light a candle, which sparks the flame to motivate your intentions and put wind beneath its wings.  Do not blow the candle out, instead, let it go out naturally.  Foods associated with the New Moon would be heavily spiced or spicy/fiery foods, such as shawarmas, curries, arrabbiata or fra diavolo sauce over pasta. Or, if spicy is not your thing, then go with something light and refreshing, such as melon salad, spring rolls or lettuce wraps.

Contrary to New Moons, Full moons are a time for letting go.  The moon has exerted all its energy to complete its journey and is ready to wane towards darkness, where new growth and explanation can begin once again.  When you manifest at the New Moon, you will have about 27 days for the moon to complete it’s journey, so that gives you 26 days between manifesting and watching what comes of your manifestation.  If there is resistance, lackluster or any negative associations attached to what you started, the full moon is a time to let it go.  Let go of the resistance, think about how to release what is not serving you and make stronger the things that are serving you.  If you are particularly aware of your energy, you might find that the two weeks prior to the moon being full are the most productive weeks in the month.  Your energy will be waxing and your focus will be more determined.  Mundane tasks may seem effortless and you have more strength and stamina to get things done.  

Just as we light our candles at the New Moon, The candles we light for the Full Moon must be blown out verses letting them go out naturally.  Blowing out the candle will exhaust the flame, end the cycle and make room for more light to come into your life.  Now, you will be guided by the light of the moon, your intuition and how you feel.   Foods associated with the Full Moon are rich and luxuriant, such as cream based sauces, long and slow cooked meats, hearty wines, cheeses and decadent desserts.  This is where the feasting is bountiful and there is no room to worry about your waistline or being “good”.  

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